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GMV North America is a leader in the manufacture of elevators for low-rise commercial buildings and private homes. We work with architects, homebuilders, and general contractors to deliver elevators with elegant design features, high reliability and low installation and operating costs. GMV’s Advantage Partner network of elevator companies provide local installation and maintenance services to building owners and construction companies.

Our Products and Services

A Global Technology Leader

GMV North America a leader in the residential elevator industry. It is a pioneer in the manufacture of economical, safe and environmentally sustainable hydraulic and traction lift systems. In the past 60 years more than 850,000 elevators worldwide have been installed using our technology. Today, the GMV group of companies operates in twenty countries and it has production facilities located on three continents.



More than 60 years as a leading elevator manufacturer allows us to offer excellence across the globe without sacrificing quality for affordable home elevators.



Green technologies, energy saving controls, and contemporary cab interior designs. We specialize in manufacturing hydraulic lifts for home.



Proven technologies installed in more than 850,000 locations around the world. Now available in North America, we offer premium custom elevator packages at a lower residential elevators cost for Canada.



Save money through reduced installation time, non proprietary elevator components, and lower costs of operation and maintenance.

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