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Advantage Partner Program

Advantage Partner Program | GMV North America

The Advantage Partner Program by GMV North America is improving service quality in our industry. We believe that local Elevator Companies are uniquely positioned to serve the needs of contractors and building owners in local markets. As a GMV Advantage Installation and Service Partner, an independent elevator company becomes our local representative who installs and services GMV elevators.

Our Advantage Partner Program is built on two core foundations:

Advantage Partner Portal


First, is our Advantage Partner Portal. Our portal provides partners with access to our comprehensive online product configurator. Moreover, our configurator produces complete proposal documents, drawing package, and detailed elevator specifications. Also, we provide marketing support, local sales coverage, sales leads to nearby projects and advanced technical support.

100% Complete Packages


Second, our complete package offering delivers 100% of required mechanical and electrical parts for elevator installation. We even including all hardware and the hydraulic oil. As an elevator installer, you will make fewer trips to a jobsite. Therefore, this reduces your installation labor costs and increases your revenue by installing more elevators each month.

Download our free booklet about the Advantage Partner program.

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