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Adding Elevator to Home: Why Choose Automatic Doors?

Residential Elevator

So, you want a residential elevator and have decided to go ahead with the project. That is great news and now the planning can begin. There are many factors to consider when planning to install a home elevator. However, perhaps the most important factor is what style of door will you be using? Selecting the right style is important to your design because many components revolve around door-type. Should you go with the Hybrid, Manual, or Automatic Doors?

Residential Elevator Benefits 

Well, today we are talking about the benefits of choosing an automatic door. GMV North America is an expert in home elevator manufacturing, especially when it comes to automatic doors. Our automatic doors are designed to accent your homes aesthetic without sacrificing functionality. Moreover, our residential elevator products have top-notch safety features for your home.

“Automatic doors will make installing an elevator in your home a true pleasure with both safety and comfort.”

Automatic Door Features

GMV North America’s fully automatic 8ft cabs present the perfect vertical transportation for your home. Due to the one-touch hail features and no-touch exit, homeowners are free to move about their home with minimal effort. Whether you’re carrying groceries, moving heavy equipment or simply moving from your bedroom to the living room, our automatic door products are here to make your life easier.

Stainless steel door frames and fixtures give your home a modern appeal and make for long lasting quality that cleans easily and pairs with any décor.

Elevator Safety 

Safety in your home is paramount to GMV North America. Our design configurator ensures that elevator components and specifications remove room for error. Also, all GMV North America products surpass ASME A17.1 elevator safety code so you can rest knowing your home is safe. To read more about some of our other policies, read more about our 3/4″ Compliance Code for automatic doors.

An Elevator in the Home

Our fully automatic doors also operate quietly to ensure that your home remains quiet. It’s paramount to us that your experience is enjoyable without any disturbing machinery. Lastly, a residential elevator with automatic doors ensures ultimate accessibility. Without the need to open and close doors manually, these products remove the need for stairs and stair lifts in a permanent way. Many clients are eager to transform their homes into a space to call their “Forever Homes”. Working with GMV North America is the perfect way to accomplish that.

Please, enjoy the attached video for a look at one of our automatic door product demonstrations. If you have any questions, please contact us at or visit today.


Now that you know the benefits of installing a home elevator with automatic doors, we strongly encourage you to reach out to our team for a free consolation. We have also provided informative brochures to help you learn more about the incredible packages GMV – North America offers.