Benefits of Non-Proprietary Elevator Components

When it comes to installing an elevator or to elevator maintenance elevator components are a common issue. Typically, difficulties surround the installation and maintenance of proprietary elevator components.

“Our clientele enjoys up to 40% quicker installation times, while reducing call-backs and re-workings. This makes for an installers delight!

Issues arise due to the business model of proprietary elevator manufacturers. Typically, these larger manufacturers develop proprietary components. The strategy is to limit the number of options for replacement parts and servicing companies. Proprietary elevator companies can afford to sell elevators for less – they know they’ll make up the money in servicing and replacement parts down the road.

What are Non-Proprietary Elevator Components and Why are they Beneficial?

Many manufacturers believe in using a proprietary approach. However, GMV is proving that a Non-Proprietary approach to elevator manufacturing has many benefits. To begin with, GMV-North America has decided to not build residential elevator packages with proprietary components. Therefore, the individual pieces that make up the entirety of their products are priced fairly. Also, they are widely available on the market. As a result, we save elevator installers and elevator maintenance businesses valuable time and money by preventing bottlenecks 

With this approach, job sites do not need to wait for proprietary pieces to be made and delivered from one or two manufacturers, and instead may receive the pieces they really need in significantly less time and from significantly more providers which saves everyone from the installers to building owners a lot of valuable time and money.  

Another great benefit of the Non-Proprietary approach that GMV takes is a 100% complete package upon delivery. This means that when customers receive their package at the job site, they have absolutely everything they need to complete the installation quickly, right down to the hydraulic oil. This is all thanks to a Non-Proprietary elevator component approach. Our clientele enjoys up to 40% quicker installation times, while reducing call-backs and re-workings. This makes for an installers delight!  

GMV’s plug-n-play approach to the electrical system means that we supply pre-wired and pre-tested plug-in connections that mate every button, sensor, and limit switch to the controller. Again, there are significant benefits to choosing an elevator company that uses a Non-Proprietary approach that are felt at every stage of the process for everyone from architects to the end customers. 

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