LULA is your commercial accessibility elevator solution

LULA is a Commercial Accessibility Elevator

If you are planning on improving the accessibility of your building a LULA elevator may be the commercial accessibility elevator solution you are looking for.  In this article we’ll explain what a LULA is, what separates a LULA elevator from a conventional elevator, and if a LULA might fit your needs.

What is a LULA Elevator

LULA is acronym used in the elevator industry that stands for Limited Use Limited Accessibility.  This smaller, specialized hydraulic elevator came about as a result of the Americans with Disabilities Act which required public buildings to be accessible by everyone.  Available residential lifts were too small to accommodate a wheelchair.  Traditional commercial elevators were not economically feasible for many public buildings like schools, libraries and medical buildings.

LULA Elevator versus Conventional Commercial Elevators

The LULA is designed to be a commercial accessibility elevator designed to economically improve accessibility for a low-rise commercial building.  

  • A smaller footprint than most conventional elevators, the LULA is designed to accommodate a wheelchair.
  • It may have a different maintenance schedule than regular elevators (in some jurisdictions).
  • Installation costs are usually lower than costs associated with conventional elevators.
  • LULAs may require a shallower pit depth and have less overhead requirements (check your jurisdiction.)

Advantages of a LULA

Architects and building owners alike recognize the advantages of installing a LULA elevator for their low-rise projects.

  • Because it is smaller than a conventional elevator, the LULA can be installed in spaces where a typical commercial elevator won’t fit.
  • Although it’s smaller, the LULA still comes equipped with the features seen in typical conventional elevators like commercial-grade components and fully automatic sliding doors.

It’s important to keep in mind that a LULA elevator is not designed to replace a regular commercial elevator.  It is meant to provide accessibility to people in wheelchairs or with physical disabilities.  It is not designed for high traffic usage. 

If you are looking for vertical transportation for the general public consider two of our excellent commercial products – the EDGE Series or the ICON Series

A LULA May Save You Money

Depending upon where you install your LULA elevator, the purchase and installation may be less than the cost for a conventional elevator.

In most jurisdictions a LULA does not need to be maintained every month as a typical commercial elevator does.  This will reduce the cost of ownership over the life of the elevator.

The BOSS – a leader in the LULA category

The GMV BOSS LULA has some attractive standard features:

  • Fully automatic, fire-rated sliding doors
  • Closeted machine room option available to save space
  • Many design options available to suit your building’s design
  • Many standard safety features you find on larger commercial elevators
  • Designed for fast and trouble-free installation

Available with a variety of door configurations to meet your building’s needs:  

  • Front online (in-line)
  • Front and Rear (thru cab)
  • Front and Side (90 degree)

To learn more about the GMV BOSS LULA visit our BOSS LULA page. 

A LULA is a perfect low-cost solution for improving accessibility in public buildings.

Other solutions for accessibility you may wish to explore include commercial wheelchair lifts, or ramps. 

Available Door Configurations for the BOSS LULA

Front Only

BOSS LULA 42x60 Front

Front and Rear


Front and side

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