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Commercial Elevators

Commercial Elevators | GMV North America

EDGE Elevators (Low Rise)

GMV North America manufactures hydraulic elevators that make the most of your low-rise commercial elevator needs. Vertical transportation with our EDGE products boasts both comfort and style in structures approximately 50ft of travel or lower.


GMV's EDGE products are suitable for schools, office structures, hotels and more. Safety and performance are of paramount focus for our products making them suitable for any commercial elevator project.


GMV North America's Limited Use Limited Application Elevators are designed for lower cost commercial elevator projects. Ideal for schools, offices, libraries, and senior residences, our BOSS product makes vertical transportation easy.


We understand that architects and designers need products like BOSS LULA for low rise building projects. For smaller structures, larger commercial elevator packages cost too much. Therefore, our BOSS product is the ideal solution for these commercial elevator needs.