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EDGE Low Rise Elevators

EDGE Elevator | GMV North America

EDGE Product Description

Our EDGE hydraulic elevator is an ideal affordable and reliable solution for our clients. In fact, Architects, Elevator Installers, and Building Owners find this product perfect for their low-rise buildings. Also, because we use non-proprietary components, maintenance and replacements are simple and fast.

More, this elevator package provides industry-leading safety and short-term installation times. EDGE is best fitted into structures with 50 ft (15.24 M) of travel or less. Therefore, our elevators move people effortlessly between floors.


EDGE Brochure Download

EDGE General Specifications

  • Standard nominal speeds ft/min: 75 (0.37), 100 (0.50), 125 (0.62), 150 (0.75)
  • Maximum openings 7 front
  • Maximum travel will vary slightly the load, contact GMV North America for exact details
  • For Ontario Canada minimum pit depth shall be 1525mm (60”)
  • For all other States and Provinces minimum pit depth shall be 1200mm (48”)
  • Pit depths may change from what is shown based on total travel, available overhead, and speed of elevator, consult GMV North America on exact details.
  • Member of the National Association of Elevator Contractors

100% Complete Packages

Received on Jobsite is 100% of parts, hardware, fittings, and fixtures required to build a complete elevator. Thus, lowering installation time by up to 40% and reducing call-backs and re-work. An installer’s delight!

GMV Advantage Partners

GMV North America’s network of trained GMV Advantage Partners provide top-tier local installation and services. Therefore, we improve projects for Homebuilders, General Contractors, and Homeowners.