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EDGE Series Hydraulic Commercial Elevator

The EDGE Series passenger elevator is a non-proprietary hydraulic commercial elevator. Developed over 15 years ago, it is the proven choice for commercial projects five floors or less.

A key feature of the EDGE Series elevator is the mechanically synchronized telescopic jack which rarely has out of synchronization issues.

  • Holeless twin 1:1 direct acting system using two single stage jacks, 2 stage or 3 stage mechanically synchronized telescopic jacks. 
  • Available in standard cabs sizes and deep cab sizes.
  • The perfect solution for almost any low-rise building including apartments, hotels and retail outlets.
  • Designed for a fast, trouble-free installation.

EDGE Hydraulic Elevator

Interior of EDGE Series elevator cab

Interior Laminate Options

Formica color options

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Cab Capacities & Door Arrangements:

The EDGE is available with standard cab and deep cab capacities.

  • Standard cabs:  2100 lb (953 kg), 2500 lb (1134 kg), 3000 lb (1361 kg), 3500 lb (1588 kg)
  • Deep cabs:  2300 lb (1311 kg), 2890 lb (1311 kg), 3500 lb (1588 kg), 4000 lb (1814 kg)

Available cab configurations are:  Front Only and Front and Side.    

Some EDGE cabs meet the IBC stretcher compatibility requirements.

Available Cab Sizes and Door Arrangements

Elevator Features

  • Non-proprietary 360 Controller micro control system with on-board diagnosis.  Meets, or exceeds all necessary compliance to ASME A17.1/CSA B44 code.
  • Type:  Holeless twin 1:1 direct acting hydraulic.
  • Standard safety features include emergency lighting in the event of power outage, CSA/UL approved hoistway door interlocks and hands-free programmable speaker phone.

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