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ICON Series Machine Room Less Traction Passenger Elevators

The ICON non-proprietary machine room less (MRL) traction elevator is  the next exciting chapter in vertical transportation.  Superior quality, reliability and ride are just the beginning of what makes ICON the best possible solution for the building owner, architect and independent elevator technician.

With a non-proprietary micro control system with on board diagnosis, and boasting a 2-speed side opening entrance that is UL fire-rated, our machine room less (MRL) traction elevator will provide the building owner with many years of operation.

  • Cab Capacity (Standard and Deep Cabs):  From 2100 lbs (953 kg) up to 4000 lbs (1814 kg)
  • Travel:  240′ (73152 mm) – Greater travel possible in some jurisdictions.  Maximum travels may change slightly as elevator speed changes.
  • Available Door Configurations:  Front Only (Inline) and Front and Rear (Thru Cab)

ICON MRL Traction Elevator

Modern passenger elevator

Interior Laminate Options

Formica color options

Cab Operating Panel


ICON Downloadable Resources

ICON MRL Traction Elevator Brochure
ICON Planning Guide
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