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GMV North America Featured in NAEC’s Mainline

National Association of Elevator Contractors Features GMV North America’s Website Launch

Ayr, Ontario

To kick off 2021, the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) has released their first Mainline of the year. Furthermore, as the foundation of vertical transportation in Canada, the NAEC plays a large role in supporting local businesses.

The GMV digital experience was improved to assist clientele in designing and quoting their ideal elevator package. Therefore, introducing digital tools offers new ways for Architects, Elevator Installers, and Home Builders to streamline elevator design and processes.

“Introducing GMV’s 100% complete, non-proprietary elevator packages will revolutionize how local elevator companies do business”. Rob Farrell, Managing Director at GMV North America. As well as, “Our Advantage Partner Portal will enable our strategic partners to improve the speed and quality of their quoting processes”


We are proud to be acknowledged by the NAEC. Furthermore, we look forward to working with our valued clientele in 2021. In addition, to read the article about GMV North America visit Also, To read more about the NAEC visit their website at

About GMV North America

“GMV-North America creates the revolutionary residential and commercial elevator packages that you want and need. Accordingly, we work with architects, elevator installers, home builders, and more to save our clientele valuable time and money. Moreover, GMV’s purpose is to improve our industry by bringing elegant elevator products to your homes and commercial buildings, without sacrificing design or function.”

Learn More About Our Company and Website

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