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Stretcher Compatible Elevator Cabs

GMV manufactures both MRL traction and machine room hydraulic elevators with stretcher compatible elevator cabs.  

Stretcher Compatible Cabs – IBC

The International Building Code specifies requirements for stretcher compatible elevator cabs.  

Specifically, it is required that buildings four or more stories above grade or four or more stories below grade plane must have at least one elevator car that can accommodate a standard 24″ x 84″ (610 mm x 2134 mm) ambulance stretcher while the stretcher is in the fully opened, horizontal position.

Stretcher Compatible Cabs – Florida Building Code

The requirements differ slightly in the Florida building code.  In Florida, any building that is more than three stories high or “in which the vertical distance between the bottom terminal landing and the top terminal landing exceeds 25′” must have one stretcher compatible elevator that can accommodate a 76″ x 24″ ambulance stretcher in the fully open, horizontal position.

Download your guide for Stretcher Compatible Cabs

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