Why Consider LULA Commercial Elevators?

So, you’re in need of vertical transportation in your building and not sure what that best course of action is. You know that stairs won’t cut it for many situations and that leads you to here to the topic of commercial elevators.

You are not alone. GMV North America has helped many builders and contractors fulfill their vertical transportation needs with commercial elevators. One of the most effective products we offer is our LULA elevator – the BOSS.

What does LULA stand for?

LULA is a term in the elevator industry that stands for Limited-Use-Limited-Application (LULA.) A common technology approach for commercial elevators that don’t need to fulfill the volume of transportation that large buildings require.

We understand that architects and designers need products like BOSS LULA for low rise building projects. For smaller structures, larger commercial elevator packages cost too much. Therefore, our BOSS product is the ideal solution for these commercial elevator needs.

Rob Farrell – Managing Director at GMV North America

What types of buildings do LULA commercial elevators go in?

LULA elevators are not cut-and-paste products and can serve a large variety of unique buildings. However, they are often found in:

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Libraries
  • Senior Residences
  • Churches

What are the standard GMV LULA features?

GMV North America is proud to offer industry-leading features for our BOSS/ LULA products, such as:

  • Power Unit
  • 3010 Series Valve
  • 360 Controller
  • 1:1 Drive Type
  • GMV Victory Doors

To learn more about the features in our GMV BOSS commercial elevators, visit our LULA page and download our free brochure!

How does my BOSS LULA elevator get installed?

GMV North America has a network of trusted and exceptional Advantage Partners. We highly recommend using using one of our partners, such as Vertechs Elevator, for your installation.

With our Advantage Partner program, our partners are able to install elevators up to 40% faster. Therefore, our clients save valuable time and money.

GMV Advantage Partner

About GMV North America

GMV has been a leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic elevator technologies for more than 60 years. We have more than 800,000 elevators installed worldwide and have a global reach that provides the best technology and elevator design available for our North American customers.

To learn more about GMV North America and our BOSS Elevators, visit our commercial elevators product page or contact us today!