Vertechs Elevators Partners With GMV North America.

A New Partnership to Improve Quality of Residential Elevator Manufacturing and Home Elevator Installation.

Ontario, Canada: GMV North America announced a new partnership with Vertechs Elevators today. This partnership will improve the quality of Residential Elevator installation across North America as part of the GMV Advantage Partner Program.

Vertechs Elevators Benefits 

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Improvements in elevator installation, especially with home elevators.
  • Reduction in installation time at job sites, resulting in reduced labor cost for clientele.
  • Renewed focus on customer service for architects, home builders, contractors, and more.

“Partnering with Vertechs Elevators is a great step towards excellence in the home elevator market,” says a GMV North America representative. “we know our clients want safety, expertise, and efficiency and that is what this partnership offers.”

About GMV North America:

GMV North America is a leader in the manufacture of elevator systems, specializing in residential elevators. We work with architects, homeowners, contractors and elevator installers who need home elevators that deliver design flexibility, reliability, and low installation and operational costs.

About Vertechs Elevators:

Vertechs Elevator installs and services commercial elevators and residential lifts, home elevators in Ontario. From planning and design to installation and maintenance, Vertechs Elevator Company is your first choice for reliable commercial elevator and residential home elevator installations in Ontario.

General Information

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“GMV-North America creates the revolutionary residential elevator packages that you want and need in your homes. Moreover, we work with architects, elevator installers, home builders, and more to save our clientele valuable time and money. Thus, GMV’s purpose is to improve our industry by bringing elegant elevator products to your homes without sacrificing design for function.”


Now that you know about our new partnership, take some time to learn about our Elevator Products. Also, review the benefits of installing a home elevator with automatic doors. We strongly encourage you to reach out to our team for a free consolation. We have also provided informative brochures to help you learn more about the incredible packages GMV – North America offers.