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The Benefits of GMV North America’s 100% Complete Packages

What is a 100% Complete Package?

GMV North America has taken the initiative to improve both the residential elevator and commercial elevator industry by solving a common problem. For those tasked with installing an elevator, it is not uncommon to be faced with delays. Due to lack of necessary components, proprietary complications and more can make jobs difficult. Therefore, GMV North America has created a 100% complete package standard. Clients receive absolutely everything they need to install an elevator from day 1.

We understand the critical importance of ensuring our clients receive everything they need to install an elevator safely, quickly, and without complications. That is why we have developed our 100% complete package approach.

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More than an Elevator… 

Our Advantage Partners take ownership in making sure the site is ready for installation as per construction drawings. Typically, industry professionals can estimate 1 week to complete machine room installation. They also estimate one week per floor to install the elevator. GMV North America can help clients achieve installation times of less than one day for Machine Room. Partners may also complete a 3 stop Hydraulic Elevator, including the Machine Room in as little as 60 Crew (Mechanic and Helper) Hours.

Complete Packages

Complete Packages







How Do Complete Packages Work?

Our packages are designed to follow the specifications and requirements of our clients. The process starts when a client uses our unique Configurator system. Our team then manufactures and assembles the package to complete specifications. Everything from hydraulic oil to the nuts and bolts are included. This approach means less trips off-site and reduced labor costs. Therefore, GMV Advantage Partners complete more jobs faster and improve business efficiency. First, make sure you brush up on how to plan for a Residential Elevator installation.


Choose 100% Complete Packages Today!

If you are an Architect, General Contractor or are in need of a Residential or Commercial Elevator, contact us today. GMV North America will help you save time, money, and effort. Improve every job with a 100% Complete Package from GMV North America.

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