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What is a (LULA) Elevator?

limited use limited application

With the ever-growing demand for elevators in this vertical world, leaders are finding new ways to adapt. Some elevator companies serve niche markets and fulfill unmet needs. Therefore, one of the many ways that the industry has been adapting is with Limited Use Limited Application (LULA) elevators.

LULA elevators shall comply with Section 408 (Limited-Use/Limited-Application Elevators) of ICC A117.1 and with Part XXV of ASME A17.1 and shall be limited to a maximum rise of not more than 25 feet (7620 mm) and serving not more than three contiguous levels.


Moreover, GMV North America strives to be a leader in the LULA market. As a result, we are proud to provide our own technology called, the “BOSS” elevator. Also, GMV North America’s BOSS series LULA elevators are designed to provide accessibility in new or existing buildings. Because of this, the BOSS is ideal when space and budget are constrained.

What buildings are a good fit for the BOSS elevator?

The BOSS elevator is a good fit for:

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Libraries
  • Senior Residences

What technology does the BOSS use?

  • 1:1 Direct-Acting Hydraulic design
  • ASME17.1/CSAB44 compliant safety features
  • 3010 Series Valve
  • 360 Controller
  • GMV Victory Doors

To see a full list of Limited Use Limited Application features and technology, visit our BOSS page.

Do Limited Use Limited Application elevators offer interior design options?

Not all elevator companies that offer LULA elevators allow for custom interior design. However, with GMV North America, clients can tailor cabs to fit unique design needs. Therefore, customers can simply choose from one of our popular design options or speak with a representative.

100% Complete Packages

Our BOSS LULA clients benefit from our 100% Complete Package approach which ensures their product is delivered in one all-encompassing unit, right down to the hydraulic oil.

Learn more about how our complete package approach saves clients time and money today.

GMV North America’s Limited Use Limited Application elevator

If you feel like our BOSS Limited Use Limited Application elevator would be a good fit for your building, or want to learn more. Please contact us today and we would be thrilled to help your journey.

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